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sx125 Anybody who’s looking for an extremely light and agile two-stroke cross bike that’s got so much power it makes even four-strokes eat its dust… can stop looking! And the 125 SX shows its MX2 competitors the ropes on more than the racecourse. An optimised chassis, fierce from the first second all the way to the finish line – the ultimate small two-stroke that can totally take on the big guys. Technical Data
sx144 What is small, ferocious and delivers enough power to show the competition your rear wheel? The powerhouse from KTM has been an absolute norm for years when it comes to power output, engine speed consistency and reliability.
Maximum serviceability and minimum maintenance costs included! Thanks to superior ridability and extraordinary power output, winning with this 144 two-stroke is just a matter of time… your time!
sx250 A duet of energy and effortlessness that will rocket it to the top of the MX1 charts for sure. Because the powerful two-stroke appeals not only due to its technology – which is just as clear-cut as it is inventive – but also due to its low-cost maintenance. A super lightweight and stable frame, plus a new setting for the forks and PDS shock absorber make the new 250 SX a serious opponent for every four-stroke.
sxf250 Winning technology that inspires: with an innovative 250cc four-stroke engine that hauls abundant power up out of the lowest rpms and delivers its unbelievable punch all the way up to the limit. And this bike’s appearance also delivers everything. A new, super-lightweight chassis complements the complete update of the bodywork to become an unbeatable unit. The 250 SX-F – for sure the hottest contender for the World Championship podium.
sxf450 When it comes to winning in the MX1, nobody gets past the 450 SX-F. Trend-setting technology for the engine and frame, plus an extremely light chassis make this bike the ultimate mean machine. Other ingenious features, like its super-light electric starter, can save you crucial seconds when the going gets tough.
sxf505 The maximum is an understatement! With the 505 SX-F, KTM has developed a high-tech racing bike that appeals to riders who are constantly in search of the ultimate. Here, the “Ready to Race” concept clearly turns into “Ready to Win”. Due to its incredible torque, merciless propulsion and unsurpassed performance, it plainly shows who’s the boss in the MX3 class.
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